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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weight Watchers Helps Beat the Heat


Has the heat wave got you down? Creating havoc with your pledge to eat healthy and exercise in the summer months?

Fear not, Weight Watchers has rolled out four new products to help beat the summer heat. New this “ice cream season” are Weight Watchers Dessert Bars in three flavors; Weight Watchers Strawberry Fruit Bar; Weight Watchers Snack Size Chocolate Fudge Bar; and Weight Watchers Snack Size Variety Pack Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Weight Watchers and Wells’ Dairy, the Iowa-based ice cream company that makes the products for the popular weight management program, say the Dessert Bars are “a highly indulgent ice cream bar” available in three “decadent” flavors. The flavors are Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Bar, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Bar, and Dark Chocolate DulcĂ© de LechĂ© Bar.

Each bar is 3 “points plus” in the Weight Watchers PointsPlus system and they retail from a suggested $4.69 to $5.49 for a box of six bars.

Strawberry Fruit Bar is made with real fruit and has vitamin C, making it a healthier snack option for adults and kids. It has 15% fewer calories and 30% less sugar than other national leading brands of fruit bars. Suggested retail price is $4.69 to $5.49. Each fruit bar has a value of 2 on the PointsPlus system.

Snack Size Chocolate Fudge Bar is just that—a “delightful chocolate-y snack-sized treat” that Weight Watchers and Wells’ point out is “just a dream with only 45 calories per bar and less than 1 gram of fat.” PointsPlus value is 1 per bar and the suggested price for a box of 12 is $4.69 to $5.49.

Snack Size Variety Pack Ice Cream Sandwiches feature a pack of four sandwiches with two flavors, Vanilla Bean and Dutch Chocolate. Each sandwich has a PointsPlus value of 2. Each box of four sandwiches retails for a suggested $4.69 to $5.49.

TFFG SAYS: The Frozen Food Guy has gone right to the source (almost) as he has relocated to central Iowa this spring, which is not all that far away from northwest Iowa, where the Weight Watchers ice cream goodies are made at the HQ and main plant of Wells’ Dairy in Le Mars. TFFT is greatly enjoying his return to his hometown of Grand Junction, Iowa, and is enjoying the magnificently verdant green Iowa landscape this summer. He is also enjoying the open spaces, deep horizon and incredible views (7 miles from his back yard on the edge of town and up to 10 miles or more in some places just a few blocks away) and all the wonderful wildlife of his backyard (a quarter size city block) which goes from small town lawn-to-rural Iowa, and features an array of squirrels, rabbits, a variety of birds, and last week a big ‘ole possum perched on an old piece of wood in the neighbor’s back yard. (Stay over there, Mr. Possum!) Life is “grand” in the country! Who knew corn and soybean fields could look so beautiful!

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